Brew 12.9.2015 - All extract Chinook/Simcoe IPA
Wed 23/9/2015 9:47 UTC

Gather and clean equipment
[ x ] 10 l pot, cleaned well
[ ] 5 l pot, cleaned well
[ x ] small pot, cleaned
[ x ] ladle, cleaned well
[ x ] disinfectant mixed ready to use
[ x ] refractometer, cleaned
[ x ] thermometer, cleaned and disinfected
[ x ] hop batches
[ x ] malts
[ x ] siphon, cleaned and disinfected
[ x ] demiijohn, cleaned and disinfected

Step 1: Mix wort from extract
[ x] Mix batches of dries malt extract with 6L of water (0.5 kg x Dry Malt Extract - Extra Dark, 0.5 kg x Dry Malt Extract - Exrtra Light )
[ x ] Take refractometer reading - target is about 1,060

[ x ] If lower then target - boil without lid for a while
[ x ] If higher then target - add some sterile boiled water to adjust

Step 2: Boiling

Boil the whole boil without lid to get us to the OG of 1,070.

[ x ] Bring the wort to a boil
[ x ] Add Hop Batch 1:
7 g Chinook Pellets (42.29 IBU)
[ x ] Boil without lid for the first 10 min
[ - ] Put a lid partially on for the rest of the boil to prevent evaporation.
[ x ] at 30 minutes of boiling add Hop Batch 2:
7g Chinook pellets ( (32.50 IBU)
[ x ] at 45 minutes of boiling add Hop Batch 3:
7g Simcoe Pellets (18.40 IBU )
[ x ] at 60 minutes of boiling turn of the heat and add Hop Batch 4:
15g Chinook Pellets (0 IBU)
15g simcoe (0 IBU)
[ x ] Check the refractometer reading (target 1.070. If higher some sterile water can be added)

Total IBU: 93.19

Step 4: Fermentation

[ x ] Cool the wort in a bath with really cold water until the wort is about 22 °C'
[ x ] Draw the clear wort to the demijohn with the help of siphon
[ x ] Add the 8.8 g of S-04 dry yeast
[ x ] Disinfect the rubber cork and put it on the demijohn
[ x ] Cover a thumb with disinfected plastic cling film. Shake vigorously for 2 minutes to get oxygen into the wort.
[ x ] Pour a little diluted disinfectant into the fermentation lock and insert into the rubber cork and Pase the red plastic cap on top loosely.
[ x ] Let the beer ferment 3-5 days at 18°-22° until there is more than 50 seconds between ploppings. Make sure there is enough liquid in the fermentation lock at all times.

Final gravity should be 1.018 and give us a ABV of 7.06%. 1.043

Step 5: Bottling

[ x ] Wash the bottles thoroughly. Make sure that they carry no traces of washing agents.
[ x ] Shake each bottle with a little diluted disinfectant and leave the disinfecant in for now and then poor off immediately before you fill bottle with beer. We will not rinse with water.
as the remainder of the disinfectant disappears in the bottle fermentation.
[ x ] Boil a bit of water in the pot with the lid on in order to disinfect the pot. Cool the pot.
[ x ] Ensure that the siphon tubing and caps are clean - clean and disinfect hose and caps with disinfectant.
[ x ] Boil 2 dl water and stir out 6 grams of sugar per liter of finished beer. ( 4 l beer = ~24 g )
[ x ] Remove the cork from the demijohn without allowing any of the contents of the fermentation lock to
get into the beer.
[ x ] Carefully siphon the beer into the pot leaving sediment at the bottom of the demijohn behind.
[ x ] take final gravity (FG) reading. Target: 1.018, Actual: 1.043
[ x ] Add sugar water gently to beer and stir it carefully with something disinfected.
[ x ] Fill and cork bottles using the siphon.
[ x ] Put the bottles in a warm room, the bathroom for example, for three days. This will enable bottle fermentation which adds CO2 and a further 0,3 % alcohol to the beer. Recomended: 25-30 °C.
[ x ] After that the bottles should be stored in a dark and cool place (cellar cold). Recomended: 4-12 °C.
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